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Nexen has over 50 years experience in the design, manufacturing and worldwide marketing of reliable motion control solutions.
Our customers span every industry - from multi-national corporations to small businesses - and range from design engineers to plant maintenance personnel.  Regardless of industry or profession, their reason for specifying Nexen products remains the same: they are durable, high-quality products they can rely on.

This site provides general information on Nexen’s product groups and is designed to help you find spare parts for Nexen or Horton clutches and brakes by guiding you to the corresponding section of the Nexen Group Inc. web site.  It also provides answers to the most frequent questions and information about our European sales network .

Linear motion control

linear motion control icon: rps system shown

Rotary motion control

rotary motion control icon: lscc clutch shown

Web control

web control icon, rstc1000 controller shown